Heavy Duty Fleet In San Bernardino, CA

What is considered a heavy duty truck?

Driving down the roads of Riverside County, CA, San Bernardino County, CA, Orange County, CA, Los Angeles County, CA, and Imperial County, CA, you have likely seen many heavy duty trucks driving alongside you. Any vehicle that weighs more than 26,001 pounds is considered a heavy duty truck. Some examples of heavy duty trucks include mobile cranes, city transit buses, tractors designed to pull trailers, refuse trucks, cement mixers and dry vans. Heavy duty trucks are generally divided into three categories:


-Class 7: 26,001 to 33,000 pounds (ex. garbage collection vehicles, livestock transports)

-Class 8: 33,001 pounds or heavier (ex. 18-wheelers, sleeper cabs, dump trucks, tractor trailers)

-Class 9: Vehicles that weigh more than 60,000 pounds (super heavy/special duty truck) 


Many heavy duty trucks have large engines that run on diesel as well as have enhanced transmissions, because these trucks are designed to tow large loads. Heavy duty trucks are also seen on job sites, where they are required to carry large construction materials. They have a towing capacity of over 20,000 pounds and offer payload capacities of over 6,500 pounds - enough to haul pretty much anything that can fit in the truck's bed. When it comes to your fleet, whether light, medium or heavy duty trucks, look no further than Direct Truck & Auto Repair of San Bernardino.


Why is fleet management so important for my heavy duty fleet?

Proper fleet management means making sure the vehicles in your heavy duty fleet are almost always road ready. Like every vehicle, heavy duty fleets also need regular repairs. Keeping and following a consistent maintenance schedule for your heavy duty fleet means your vehicles will have less downtime, because a regular maintenance service takes a lot less time than a large repair, and that your fleet drivers are more likely to have smooth rides every time. It is important to take a few vehicles in your fleet to the shop at the time as to not disrupt your fleet's flow. Our Quality at Direct Truck & Auto Repair can help you keep a log of when each vehicle in your fleet was serviced last and when you need to bring the vehicle to our shop again. Your log should include each service that was performed on the vehicle, where the service was done and who serviced it. 


To keep your fleet vehicles running smoothly and to keep your system intact, it is essential to get numerous fleet vehicles serviced at the same time. Every vehicle contains a maintenance schedule that can be found in the owner's manual. A service that should be done regularly (around every 5,000 to 10,000 miles) is an oil change to keep your vehicles's oil free of dirt and debris. We at Direct Truck & Auto Repair in San Bernardino service all types of fleet vehicles, including semi trucks, tractors, big rigs, bucket trucks, and dump trucks. We can perform a multitude of services, including multi track loader repair, four wheel drive suspension modifications, and fleet lighting service.


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