Trailer Repair In San Bernardino, CA

What is a trailer?

Trailers are commonly used to transport larger and heavier loads around. Whether it would be a trailer that you attach to a pickup truck or SUV, or a tractor unit (also commonly referred to as a semi-truck), trailers are an extremely essential part of transportation of goods. Trailers can be commonly seen on the roads of Riverside County, CA, San Bernardino County, CA, Orange County, CA, Los Angeles County, CA, and beyond. Trailers have many different purposes. They can be used for recreational purposes such as camping and transportation of goods such as different types of cargo that could even carry something as large as a mobile house. Trailers are designed to safely carry a lot of weight and travel long distances. Even though they are very reliable, it is important to ensure that they are at its optimal level. Therefore, it is important to keep up to date with regular maintenance and get it serviced if you notice any issues with your trailer. Come to Direct Truck & Auto Repair where our Reliable technicians will take care of your trailer and make any necessary repairs. 


Before driving with your trailer, it is important to make sure that it is ready to be on the road. It is a good idea to do an inspection before driving with a trailer. Here are some things to check before driving with your trailer. However, if you notice any serious problems, come to Direct Truck & Auto Repair where we can fix your trailer. 

  • There are no visible damages such as any dents, bendings, severe wear and tear, rust, and cracks.
  • The brakes in the trailer are properly functioning.
  • The electrical systems such as the brake lights and turning signals work properly.
  • The HVAC/heating and cooling systems are working.
  • The tires are not worn out and are properly inflated.

Your Experts for Trailer Repair

We at Direct Truck & Auto Repair fully understand how important your trailer is for work or recreational use. Trailers are an essential part of transportation of large goods, so we prioritize your safety while you drive with your trailer. Our Reliable technicians know all things trailer repair and will properly fix your trailer if they notice any signs of damage. If any damages are left on your trailer, it can lead to more serious problems in the future. It is best to quickly repair your trailer before it gets worse. By ensuring that there are no issues with your trailer, you can drive the long distance with your trailer with peace of mind.

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